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Herrick District Library
300 S. River Ave.
Holland, MI 49423

M-Tu: 9am-9pm
W-Sa: 9am-6pm
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LakeNet Online Public Access Catalog
Use our online catalog to find books and other materials in our Lakeland Library Cooperative.  Find availability and locations of items, as well as request items from other libraries.  Log into your library account and check for due dates, renew available materials, manage your holds, and more.  Patrons can access the Lakenet catalog from any PAC (Public Access Computer) or dedicated OCAT (Online Catalog) computer inside the library.
Public Access Computers (PAC)
Public Access Computers are located throughout the building and are available on a walk-in first come, first served basis and utilize a sign in process for access, printing and time management.  Patrons may log on to any open PAC computer using their library card number and pin, or sign in at a Pharos Reservation Station to be assigned the next available computer for the chosen service area.  Please stop at the Reference Services desk if you need assistance.

Your library account balance must be under $10 to use the Public Access Computers

Please take a moment to read the Herrick District Library Internet Use Policy.
Internet Rules
These rules have been developed to fulfill the Board’s policy on Internet service and to encourage safe, responsible use of the Internet as well as to safeguard the resources of the Library. Failure to observe these rules may result in the loss of Library privileges, subject to appeal and review.
1.     Minors, those not yet 18 years of age, wishing to access the Internet at the Library must observe the following rules:
  • Minors may access the Internet only on computers equipped with filtering technology, unless their parent or legal guardian requests unfiltered access and remains with them throughout their access.
  • Minors under the age of 11 and unaccompanied by their parent or legal guardian may not access email on library computers.
  • Minors may not disclose any personally identifying information when using the Internet.
2.     All people wishing to use Library equipment to access the Internet will confirm that they have read and agree to comply with the Library’s policy on Internet access as well as these rules to implement the service:
  • Those who wish to access the Internet at the Library may use their Herrick District Library card or a temporary Internet card to register for service. Picture identification may be required by staff to establish the registrant’s age or confirm his/her identity.
  • Internet use is provided on a “first come, first served” basis.
  • Printing of Internet content is available for a fee.
  • Internet users will not engage in illegal or criminal behavior.
  • Copyright and licensing restrictions are the responsibility of the individual patron seeking to use any material on the Internet; Internet users will comply with them.
  • Internet patrons are not allowed to re-configure the Library’s computers.
  • Patrons are authorized to view public websites and their public content: unauthorized activities including but not limited to “hacking”, saving or installing any programs or peripherals on any Library computer or the Library network is expressly prohibited.
  • The Library will provide filtered and unfiltered Internet access in timed sessions. Individual use may be limited when demand warrants.
  • Individuals who use Library computers for Internet access will end their sessions by returning the computer to its home screen.

The following services are available on PAC's:

Herrick District Library, and the Library of Michigan, are pleased to offer access to quality reference material through subscription databases.  Subscription databases paid for by Herrick District Library are for Herrick library cardholders, while databases offered by the Library of Michigan are available for residents with a Michigan driver's license or ID.  Some of the databases allow access by our patrons from outside of the library.  These databases are available through our Research page.

Filtered Internet
Filtered Internet access is available at all public computers.  Some public computers have age restrictions such as those found in the Youth areas.

E-mail & Chat
E-mail and chat services are available to patrons ages 11 and older and are available on the main floor.

Microsoft Office Suite 2003 is installed on all of the library's PAC computers.

You may print documents and photos from any of the library's PAC computers.  Print costs are currently $.15 per page for black and white, and .25 cents for color.
To download documents or graphics, please bring a USB 2.0 compatible flash drive.  Writing to a CD is not available at this time.  Although most computers currently accommodate the use of floppy disks, it is necessary to use an external floppy disk reader for those computers that don't.  Please go to the Reference Services Desk if you need to check out a floppy disk reader.  You may purchase a floppy disk or flash drive from the Reference Services Desk.
Additional services are available on select computers:
Wireless Internet
Herrick District Library is pleased to offer Wireless Filtered Internet throughout the building. The wireless network is called herrick.
Wired Internet Connections
Wired Filtered Internet connections are available in the center aisle of the main floor and in the study rooms for patrons with their own laptops. 
Children's Interactive Games
A number of computer services just for kids are available on PAC computers in the Children's area.  Ask at the Children's Services Desk for more information.