Holland Area Churches and Church Records

As you are probably aware, Holland, Michigan, is home to many churches. Herrick Library has information on many local churches for genealogical and local history research. For those doing genealogical research, there are church records for some of the churches beginning in the mid 1800s, when the Dutch settlers moved to Holland. Some of these records are handwritten, some are typed, and some records are in the Dutch language.

Church Record Index

In addition to records, Herrick has historical information on many other Michigan churches, including directories, bulletins, histories, and more. There is also information on local churches in our vertical files, located in the Main Library's genealogy section. A good place to look for information on Michigan churches is Church Records by Area - Michigan.

If you are doing genealogical research and are looking for church records for other geographic regions, a good website to check is www.familysearch.org. This website has church records online both in the United States and other countries.