Holland Area Newspapers

Holland has two newspapers, the Holland City News and the Holland Sentinel. The Holland City News was a weekly paper which ran through 1977, and Herrick owns it on microfilm from 1872-1977. The complete Holland City News is also now available online through Hope College's Digital Commons.

The Holland Sentinel is a daily newspaper and is available on microfilm at Herrick from 1912 until the present. Although it began publication before 1912, there are no earlier papers available. There are some partial indexes to both papers. 

The Van Reken Newspaper Index covers both the Holland City News and the Holland Sentinel from 1880-1990. It was compiled by a local historian, Donald Van Reken, and covers mostly Holland businesses, schools, churches, and other subjects, but not many names. The earlier years of the index contain more information than the later years. The Van Reken Index is available digitally through the Hope College Digital Commons and in print at Herrick Library in ten year increments. Herrick Library has compiled some indexes in recent years, and it is also possible to check for information on the Holland Sentinel website from 1997 to the present in their archives section. There are also obituary indexes available at Herrick, both in print and online. For more information on the indexes available, check Holland City News and Holland Sentinel Newspapers handout.

For other newspapers in the West Michigan area, check the Historical Newspapers guide, which includes information on past and present newspapers in the area and where they are located.

If you have more questions, check with the library's Information Desk for help. Happy searching!