Holland Businesses – Past and Present

Are you looking for information on a former business in Holland, or possibly a business located in Holland now? We have books on some local businesses, some covering individual companies and some which include information on multiple businesses in Holland. You can check our city directories for past businesses and where they may have been located. If you're researching historical businesses, you can check the Van Reken index of the Holland Sentinel. The index was compiled by local historian Donald Van Reken and he indexed articles about many businesses in the Holland area. It covers the years 1880-1990, although the earlier years have more information. The Van Reken Index is available in print at Herrick Main Library (located in the genealogy department) and also digitally through Hope College Digital Commons. In addition to the library, you may want to contact staff at the Joint Archives of Holland and/or the Holland Museum. They have some information on historical businesses also. As always, feel free to check with the Information Desk at the library for help.