Vital Records

What are Vital Records?  Vital records are records of life events kept under governmental authority, including birth certificates, marriage licenses (or marriage certificates), separation agreements, divorce certificates and death certificates.  In some jurisdictions vital records may include records of civil unions or domestic partnerships.  Herrick District Library has some vital records, mostly for Ottawa and Allegan counties.  There are some records also for other counties, but not as many.  In Michigan you can look for Vital Records at your county clerk's office.  Some are available to view, some are not.  Birth Certificates have more restrictions than Marriage or Death Certificates.  To see a list what information Herrick has for births, deaths, and marriages in various Michigan counties, look here.    

If you are looking for Michigan death records a good website to search is  They host death records from the microfilm collections at the Library of Michigan and the Vital Records Office of the Department of Health and Human Services.  Images of death certificates are available for records older than seventy-five years old.