Audio Recording Station

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Audio Recording Station


Audio recording equipment includes a variety of recording options (Blue Yeti Promarantz PMD561Zoom H4n Pro), professional headphones, and a desktop computer set up with PreSonus Studio One software. Anyone can make audio recordings in our recording station. Whether it's recording a song, playing a musical instrument, conducting and interview, or recording a podcast, our equipment makes creating audio tracks simple and fun. Patrons are encouraged to schedule a 1-1 appointment to learn how to use the software, if needed.

What You'll Need

Use of the audio recording station is free. Bring your voice and/or instrument and a CD or USB drive to store the digital file upon completion. Once your file is converted, audio editing software is available if you would like to add additional effects.

***You must remain at the library for the entirety of the digitizing process.

Station Reservations

Reserve the Audio Recording Station during open hours. Please note:

  • Patrons are permitted one 2-hour session per day and up to 4-hours if no one is waiting.
  • There is a 15-minute grace period before reservations are automatically cancelled.
  • Laptops are for use in the lower level only and cannot be checked out.
  • The computer shuts off and erases all data saved to it when a session expires.
  • Reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance.
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