Groundworks Equipment & Software

Groundworks Equipment & Software

Laptops, equipment, computer applications and a workstation are available for digital conversions, 3D printing, audio and video recording and more.

Groundworks’ equipment is available by appointment only.

To schedule your appointment, visit the 1-1 appointment or open hours reservation pages.

Important Information

Please review the Groundworks Guidelines before using the equipment and software.

Contact Groundworks if you are unable to visit during our posted hours. We will accommodate your schedule as best we can.



Each of Groundworks’ laptops are equipped with the Adobe Creative Cloud, 3D modeling and digital conversion software. Laptops are for use on the lower level only and cannot be checked out. A valid library card is needed to sign in.

Podcast/VHS Conversion Station


This station is dedicated to podcasting, audio recording and converting VHS cassettes to DVD or digital files. It does not have Adobe Creative Cloud software.

Click on the blue buttons below for equipment specific information.

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