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Metal Detector


  • Garrett ACE 200 Metal Detector
  • Instruction Manual (Metal Detector)
  • PudiBe Metal Detector Pinpointer
  • Belt Holster (pointer)
  • Flexible Coiled Lanyard (pointer)
  • Instruction Manual (pointer)
  • Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap


The Garrett ACE 200 Metal Detector is perfect for beginners who are looking to get their hands dirty metal detecting for the first time. It includes a Digital Target ID feature that provides a corresponding readout to the specific type of metal buried underground. Operating at 6.5kHz, the ACE 200 can also help determine a target's depth and provide users with clear, easy-to-understand target signals. Perfect for entry level detecting and relic hunting as well as dry beach and freshwater wading. It's even great for those who want to try their hand at finding coins and jewelry!

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Check out the Getting Started with Metal Detectors Topic Guide to start your search.

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