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Soil Sieve


  • 12” soil sieve frame
  • Set of 3 mesh screens - .1”, .2”, .25” (4, 5 and 10 meshes per inch)
  • XL cotton storage bag
  • Fiberglass mesh screen
  • Set of 3 binder clips


A multipurpose soil and debris sieve set with a 12” stainless steel frame and three interchangeable sieve meshes (.1" .2" and .25") and a fiberglass mesh screen for smaller items. Used to create your own Bonsai or potting soils, filter fine dust that clogs up soil mixes and prevents proper drainage, sift large debris from fine dirt or powders, and easily remove larger impurities. It is an excellent option when repotting plants, and a wide variety of applications in the home, garden, aquariums, and archaeology field sites.

General Policies

This item is available for check out to HDL cardholders age 18 and older. Borrowers must sign the required Library of Things Agreement acknowledging financial responsibility for lost or damaged equipment.

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