I’ve been a sucker for fantasy ever since I first cracked open one of Brain Jacques’ Redwall books. While I still love the creative worldbuilding, intriguing magic systems, and unique points of view offered by the genre’s best examples, I’ll read pretty much anything that seems interestingfantastic or otherwise. (Some of my more niche favorite genres are LGBTQ comics, grimdark heist novels, and quirky nonfiction about math.) My current projects are reading all of Terry Pratchett's Discworld books and everything ever written by Guy Gavriel Kay. 

When I’m not reading or figuring out what to read next, you’ll probably find me playing D&D or video games, catching up on the latest seasonal anime, and/or drinking objectively too much bubble tea. 

Reading Lists

Annaka's Reading Lists

Non-Ghibli Anime Movies

For when you've already seen everything ever made by Hayao Miyazaki.

LGBTQ+ Comics

A sampling of comics/graphic novels with LGBTQ+ characters and themes.

Manga for Beginners

New to manga? Check out these titles to get you started!

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Bewitching Reads

Spooky happenings, scary ladies, and mischievous magic—read these witchy books to get in the mood for October!
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