A community space which provides the tools and technology needed to create new things, advance personal and professional projects, and meet, share, and collaborate with others.

About Groundworks

Groundworks’ trained staff can help you:

  • Engage with new and emerging technologies with like-minded people
  • Transfer media from one format to another
  • Grow your small business or start a new one
  • Start a new hobby or side hustle
  • Learn new digital skills to advance your career
  • Record, preserve and share family memories and traditions

Groundworks’ equipment is available by appointment only.

Please review Groundworks Guidelines before visiting.


For general help with smartphones, computers and HDL’s digital resources, visit the first floor information desk for their drop-in tech help.


Groundworks Tips

Personal Digital Archiving: Scanning Photographs

Here are a few steps to keep in mind as you start digitizing your photos at home or in Groundworks.

Personal Digital Archiving: Retouching Old Photos

A brief introduction to retouching and restoring scanned photographs.

What is 3D Printing?

This blog post highlights what Groundworks teaches patrons about 3D printing. This page gives an introduction to 3D printing.

Teach Yourself Technology

View tutorials on a wide array of tech topics, from basic to advanced skills.


DIY Collection

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