Call for Makers

Herrick District Library is looking for West Michigan creatives for our new Maker-in-Residence program. We want to help artists, makers, and writers of all kinds share their expertise with the HDL community. Whether you’re a recording artist, a sculptor, a poet, or a DIY extraordinaire – the Maker-in-Residence program wants to help you reach new audiences and teach others about the thing you do.

The HDL Maker-in Residence program is an eight-week residency that includes drop-in studio time in Groundworks, hands-on workshops, and a stipend of $1,000 to help you keep making that thing you love!

Future Makers Will

  • Deliver a minimum of 18 hours of publicly-visible work during drop-in sessions at HDL’s Groundworks location. These workshops will be scheduled with the Groundworks staff, and will not exceed an 8-week timeframe.
  • Design an interactive element for drop-in sessions to engage the public, such as materials exploration, hands-on activities, or conversation prompts about the medium, etc...
  • Provide positive engagement with a wide range of community members including children, teens, families, and older adults during drop-in sessions.
  • Teach at least one public workshop about their craft to members of the HDL community (alongside library staff). Workshop(s) will not exceed 3 hours of the 18-hour minimum residency. Workshops can have a specific targeted age range.
  • Collaborate with Groundworks staff to develop any handouts, table guides, or workshop plans.
  • Arrive on time, consistently prepared to engage with the public at the previously agreed-upon times for drop-in sessions and workshops.
  • Live within the West Michigan area and be responsible for all of their own travel costs to and from Herrick District Library’s Groundworks.
  • Ensure that all information (maker bio, photo, W9, and background check form) are submitted PRIOR to the first scheduled drop-in session or workshop.
  • Receive a stipend of $1000 upon the completion of their 8-week residency.
  • Be alloted $150 for materials and supplies for the workshop(s) and hands-on activities during drop-in sessions. Materials and supplies for the Maker-in-Residence's own projects are their own responsibility.

Application Process

All interested potential Makers should apply online.

The application will ask for:

  • Details about your artistry. (What is it? How do you do it? What is your experience with that particular medium?)
  • What would you plan to work on during drop-in sessions?
  • What hands-on/interactive elements would you propose to offer during drop-in sessions?
  • Any ideas for public workshops you would like to present.
  • A link to approximately five examples of your work (this can be as simple as photos).
  • Details about any experience you might have informally teaching others or working with people.
  • Permission to use photos and descriptions of you and your work on our website and in advertising for the HDL Maker-in-Residence program.

We will be interviewing and selecting candidates based on a set schedule. Applications will be open between:

  • April 1 – May 15 for the Fall (Sept, Oct, Nov) and Winter (Dec, Jan & Feb) sessions.

Still have questions? Talk to Groundworks staff at the Main Library or email us at

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