Holland Story Project

Collecting Stories. Connecting People.

The Holland Story Project is an oral history project that provides an opportunity for the people of the greater Holland, Michigan area to share and preserve their unique stories, experiences, and histories. Storytelling encourages us to listen and learn from each other. Sharing those stories will help the community see the similarities we share and help us form meaningful connections to the people in our community, and the world around us.

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I Love Libraries, Books, and Storytelling - Andree K.

Andree shares their story on why they love libraries and the why they're important.
Holland Story Project logo with photo of Gary and Donna Bogle in the background

Donna and Gary see the world!

Donna and Gary share the story of how they met, traveled the world together, began a new life in Holland and the difference they are making.

National Good Neighbor Day

Neigbor stories

National Good Neighbor Day - Michael M.

Michael shares his perspective on being a Good Neighbor on National Good Neighbor Day 2022.

National Good Neighbor Day - Tom S.

Tom shares his perspective on being a Good Neighbor on National Good Neighbor Day 2022.

National Good Neighbor Day - Doris V.

Doris shares her perspective on being a Good Neighbor on National Good Neighbor Day 2022.


The AudioBiography collection asked participants to tell their personal stories in five (5) songs. Participants arrived at their interview with a playlist of five (5) songs that represented something meaningful to them, an important time, event, or relationship in their life, and shared why each song made the list.

Example stories

Audiobiography - Natalie

Natalie shares 5 songs that remind her of her father.

AudioBiography - Anna Rosa

Anna Rosa shares her AudioBiography. Her theme is her life in Mexico City.

AudioBiography - Rob

Using 5 songs, Rob shares how music has played a role in his life.


#LoveHolland focuses on love stories. This collection is a window to romantic, familial, traditional, or offbeat love stories - stories of best friends who have known each other since grade school, people who met at and are best friends outside of work, or how they fell in love.

Example stories

Love Holland logo, photo of woman holding a giant library card, photos of woman with her friends

Karen and her 3 Best Friends

Karen shares her story of moving to Holland and her three best friends she met along the way.

Mark and his wife Marjorie

Mark shares his story of when he met his wife, how they went their separate ways, and how they found each other in their later years.
Love Holland logo with photo of a couple on a trail bridge

Katie and Her Husband Bob

Katie shares how she met her husband Bob, how "obstacles fell away" multiple times during their relationship.
Love Holland logo, photo of a snail

Annaka and Her Pet Snail Clive

Annaka shares a tale about how she acquired her pet snail Clive, how she named it, and how it comforted her during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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