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This winter, stay "Bundled up in Books" courtesy of Herrick District Library. Check out the perfect materials to enjoy while snuggling up at home, or join in a library event with your community.

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Vote for your favorites in any age group or category through December 23

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There's always something going on at HDL. Take a look at some of our free community events.

Winter Reading Challenge 2023

2023's winter reading challenge starts December 11!

New Books

New Books

Best of 2023 According to Our Staff

Best of 2023 According to HDL Staff

For Kids


Miss Aaryn's Favorite Picture Books

If you're always looking for fun, new picture books, check out some of my personal favorites from this year.

For Teens


Your Guide to the Percy Jackson World

If you're looking to jump into the Percy Jackson world, here's your ultimate guide to reading the books.

For Adults


Bring Back Christmas Ghost Stories

Sure, autumn seems to get all the spooky stories, but I’d love to see the tradition of ghost stories for Christmas make a strong return.

This Month's Groundworks and Digital Library Highlights

"Holland Story Project - Share Your Stories of Home with Us" with the Story Project logo overlaying an illustration of a sunset over the water. The word "Homegoing" is in the middle of the water, a visual nod to the Homegoing book cover art.

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