Genealogy & Local History

Genealogy & Local History

Genealogy Post

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The Story of Your House

Oct 25th | 6:30pm - 7:30pm
If walls could talk, what stories would your house tell you? Genealogist Megan Heyl can teach you how to research the history of your home…

Digital Genealogy Resources

Ancestry Video Training

Intro to AncestryLibrary Edition

Get a quick glimpse at what provided to you by the Herrick District Library through Ancestry Library Edition.

Genealogy eResources

Genealogy & Family

Family History Blog

Building Your Family Tree

Are you interested in researching the history of your family? Herrick has resources to help you get started.

Family History

Writing Your Family History

Books to help you organize, write, and edit your family history.

Genealogy & DNA

Unravel the past with these genetic genealogy reads.

Memories to Memoirs

Would you like to write your memoir? Here are some books that might help you put your memories on paper.

Records Search



Obituaries for the Holland area

Vital Records

Vital Records

Vital records are records of life events kept under governmental authority related to birth, marriage, separation, divorce, and death.

Census Blog

Federal Census Records

If you are doing genealogical research, the Federal Census is a great place to look.

Church Records Blog

Churches and Church Records

Get to know Herrick's resources for genealogical and local history research.

Cemetary Blog


The Genealogy Department at the Herrick District Library has a large collection of cemetery-related books and materials.

Local History

Local History

House History

Do you own an older home in the Holland Area? Are you trying to search the history of your home? Herrick has some resources to help you.

Military Genealogy

Military Genealogy Blog

Military Genealogy Lists

Civil War

These books will help get your genealogical research into the American Civil War started.

Revolutionary War

Use these books to research the soldiers, sailors, deserters, and dischargees of the American Revolutionary War.

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Stop in at either library location to register for a full library card, or sign up online for a temporary digital card
Stop in at either library location to register for a full library card, or sign up online for a temporary digital card

Global Genealogy

Dutch Genealogy Research

Many of the sources for research at Herrick pertain to the Dutch who immigrated to Michigan in the mid-19th century.

Ethnic Genealogy

More Global Genealogy

State Genealogy


Emigration and Immigration

Emigration and immigration from Europe to America.

State Genealogy Lists

More State Genealogy

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