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The Spider-Verse for Kids

Celebrate the release of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse this month with some of these Spider-Man books for kids!


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Summer Challenge 2023: Kids Book Adaptations

These kids books have been adapted into movies or TV shows!

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Middle Grade Books for Pride

Check out these middle grade books with characters from the LGBTQ+ community!

Ode to My Stay-at-Home-Dad Husband

This year for Father’s Day, I want to write an ode to all the fantastic dads out there—especially mine.

Summer Picture Books

Celebrate the warmer weather and learn more about the season by digging into some of these fun picture books!


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Keep up to date on your library account with text alerts for holds, items due soon and overdue items.
Keep up to date on your library account with text alerts for holds, items due soon and overdue items.

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Early Literacy

June Early Literacy Calendar in English
Junio Early Literacy Calendar in Spanish


Talking with children helps them learn oral language, one of the most critical early literacy skills. Children learn about language by listening to parents talk and joining in the conversation.


Singing develops language skills. Slows down language so children can hear the different sounds in words. Helps children learn new words and information.


Reading together develops vocabulary and comprehension, nurtures a love for reading, and motivates children to want to learn to read.


Play is one of the best ways for children to learn language and literacy skills. They learn about language through playing as the activities help them put thoughts into words and talk about what they are doing.


Children become aware that printed letters stand for spoken words as they see print used in their daily lives.

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