7 Books to Elevate Your Dungeons & Dragons Game

Learn the history of the world's greatest roleplaying game, give advantage to your sessions with non-official guidebooks, or get lost in a D&D-inspired cozy fantasy!

Slaying the Dragon

Your D&D campaign might be filled with crazy twists and stunning betrayals, but wouldn't it be wild if the actually history of Dungeons & Dragons was too? Spoiler alert: it is. In this new book, game historian (which is a real job, by the way) Ben Riggs unpacks the chaotic history of D&D's creator company Tactical Studies Rules, its fierce rivalry with Wizards of the Coast, and the reversal that brought them both together. (In case you thought chaotic brand management was a 2023 phenomenon for D&D.)

Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana

But what if you like history but it just has too many dang words most of the time? Try this visual history of Dungeons & Dragons, which uses art and artifacts to chart the game's decades-long history, drawn from Wizards of the Coast's archives, the collections of D&D superfans, and the memories of the designers and illustrators that created it.

Heroes' Feast

As every veteran player knows, the most important part of the game is the snacks. This official cookbook delves deep into the pantries of D&D lore to bring you iconic recipes from and inspired by the characters and cultures of the game's many worlds. 2d10 hit point maximum increase guaranteed!

The Ultimate Random Encounters Book

Do your battles feel stale? Are you looking to add some spice to those random encounter tables in the back of the DMG? This helpful supplement for DMs (excuse me, GMs) is full of maps and monsters to slot into your session planning, complete with easy-to-use tables that just so happen to be compatible with D&D stat blocks. Fancy that.

How to Defend your Lair

On the other side of the encounters coin, professional DM (also a real job) Keith Ammann asks the question, "but what if our encounters were less random?" Narrative and strategy take center stage in this book, which will equip dungeon masters to craft more satisfying fights for both long-running campaigns and oneshots alike.

The Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide

Sometimes PCs aren't the only ones who need inspiration! If you're tired of playing characters out for revenge after their farming village got ganked by goblins, try some of the prompts here.

Legends & Lattes

And now for something completely different! This lowkey fantasy tale isn't a guidebook or game history, but it might provide some inspiration for your games anyway. Or if nothing else, a short rest.

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