Blockbuster Book Buddies

There are just certain movies that feel like summer, you know? Maybe they’re movies you watched every summer when school was out. Or they just give you those vibes of no rules in the summer. No schedule to follow. Just the opportunities of endless adventure.

If you’re a fan of those classic summer movie vibes, then I have just the books for you! I’ve paired some of these popular summer movies with YA books that fit the same vibe. Pick up any of these books if you’re looking for some fun summer reading!

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

While it doesn’t necessarily take place in the summer, it has those summer feelings with the hijinks and adventures. Take Me Home Tonight by Morgan Matson also takes place in a single day, a night of adventures in New York City.

Take Me Home Tonight by Morgan Matson


A classic summer musical movie featuring a romance with two people crossing social groups. Only Mostly Devastated is a retelling of the story we all know and love, with a fun summer romance as well.

Only Mostly Devastated by Sophie Gonzalez

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Maybe not a classic in the sense that the last two are, but definitely a classic of my childhood. A summer romance in Rome! Living out your dreams! The quintessential summer movie. XOXO is also about traveling, about finding romance, and about music.

XOXO by Axie Oh

Mamma Mia!

There's something about musicals that feel like summer to me, and Mamma Mia! is no different! For similar vibes and the journey to find their father, definitely check out Here We Are Now.

Here We Are Now by Jasmine Warga

The Parent Trap

A summer camp story with a plot to get their divorced parents back together, I definitely loved this movie growing up. The House Swap features another family swap, though without the summer camp hijinks.

The House Swap by Yvette Clark

The Sandlot

The classic summer baseball story, full of other summer adventures including pool games and treehouse fun. If you're looking for another summer story surrounding sports, definitely check out A Map to the Sun.

A Map to the Sun by Sloane Leong

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

A group of friends goes separate directions for the summer, sharing a pair of pants between them to help them stay connected. In a similar vein, the friends in Golden Boys go their own ways for the summer, though this time, they're not connected by pants.

Golden Boys by Phil Stamper

What a Girl Wants

The summer after graduation, a girl goes to England to meet her dad who she finds out is a wealthy British politician. Tokyo Ever After  is similar, but Izumi finds out she's actually Japanese royalty.

Tokyo Ever After by Emiko Jean