Book Soundtracks

A newish trend in book-world is for authors to craft playlists to accompany their books. Sometimes it's a list of songs that the author listened to while writing and others it's songs that they author feels embodies specific characters. I think this trend actually started with Stephenie Meyer, who was able to get most of the artists she listened to while writing the Twilight series on the Twilight soundtrack. (Excellent soundtrack, regardless of what you think of the movie or book.) Here are some playlists for books, some by the author, some by bookish people.

Firekeeper's Daughter

The Sanatorium


Astrid Sees All


The Paper Palace

Ready Player One

Seven Days in June

The Last Thing He Told Me

You Should See Me in A Crown

The Guest List

The Other Black Girl

Whether you're looking for some mood music while you read or something to keep you moving while cleaning, these playlists are full of fun and atmosphere based on some pretty great books.