Choose Your Own Adventure Books at the Library

Did you know the theme of our Summer Challenge is Choose Your Adventure? You can choose whichever way you want to complete the challenge this summer, with reading and other fun activities. Does this mean you have to read Choose Your Own Adventure books? Not at all! But we have a bunch of different kinds here at the library if you’re interested in trying something new this summer.

Everyone knows the classic Choose Your Own Adventure, but if you love those, you’ll also want to try out these other books that allow you to choose how the book ends.

For Younger Kids

Endlessly Ever After

This picture book will take you through a fairytale adventure where you get to choose what happens next. See if you have what it takes to get your happily ever after!

Search for A Giant Squid

A combination of nonfiction, graphic novel, and choose your path, you can learn about giant squids and the people dedicated to doing research about them.

What Should Danny Do?

In this picture book series, Danny is a superhero, and you get to help him make his choices! 

You Choose Scooby Doo: The House on Spooky Street

This series of Scooby Doo books allows you to become a part of the gang and help solve the mysteries!

For Older Kids

Leviathan: Adventuregame 1

A choose your own adventure graphic novel series where you have to make choices to save the town!

Can You Survive the Titanic?

In this series, Can You Survive, work your way through various events and see if you can survive them!

Choose Your Destiny: A Finn & Poe Adventure

In this Star Wars themed series, travel along with your favorite characters and help them survive in the Star Wars universe!

Escape From A Video Game

For the video game fans! Imagine if you got trapped in your favorite video game, and you'd have to play your way out.

Little Red Riding Hood

This is part of a series of interactive fairytale adventures! See if you can survive your favorite fairytale.

The Story Pirates Present: Quest for the Crystal Crown

Join a group of adventurers as they try to save their town from utter destruction!

Twisted Journeys: The Time Travel Trap

In this comic book series, decide how you would survive a variety of different situations where you have to find your way out.

You Choose: Could You Survive the Ice Age?

See if you have what it takes to survive a variety of historical and fictional events!