Cooking Inspired by Books

The holiday season is upon us! We all know that the holiday season is full of delicious food. If you’re a reader, this could be the perfect time to try out a literary cookbook! You can get inspiration for your upcoming holiday feasts right from your favorite fictional worlds. Pair it with the book it was inspired by and you get the perfect cozy night in.

Below is a list of literary themed cookbooks, along with the book they drew inspiration from.

The Official Fablehaven Cookbook

Inspired by: Fablehaven

The Official Harry Potter Cookbook

Inspired by: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

The Anne of Green Gables Cookbook

Inspired by: Anne of Green Gables

The Star Wars Cookbook

Inspired by: A New Hope

Disney Villains Cookbook

Inspired by: Poor Unfortunate Soul

The Little House Cookbook

Inspired by: Little House on the Prairie

Alice in Wonderland

Inspired by: Alice in Wonderland

My Pokémon Cookbook

Inspired by: Pokémon Adventures