Couch Co-op Highlights

Did you know Herrick District Library has over 100 video games in our collection and a majority of them are considered couch co-op compatible? Couch co-op games are games you can play with friends and family without the need of an internet connection. Back in the day these were just considered multiplayer games; but now with the invention of online video games, these couch co-op games now make up just a small portion of the overall multiplayer game market.

I personally think couch co-op games represent the pinnacle of multiplayer gaming. Sure, it’s cool to be able to play games with people from all over the world via the internet, but there is a certain unique charm that exists in being able to play video games with people in the same space as you. The below games are some of my favorite couch co-op games available to you through Herrick District Library.

Lego Star Wars

LEGO Star Wars

Max number of players: 2

The Lego Star Wars series of games has a special place in my heart. I’ve been a fan of these games ever since they were released for the PlayStation 2. A lot has changed since the first entry in the series came out in 2005, but I can attest that Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is a great installment to a classic series. Whether you are new to the series or have played the older games, the changes made to the graphics and gameplay offer something fresh while still retaining the formula the Lego series of video games are known for. One of the great things about this game is that your friends and family are able to join in and drop out seamlessly all through the press of a button. Together you can hack, slash, shoot, and force choke your way through all nine Star Wars films.

Mario Golf

Max number of players: 4

Whether you’re a big fan of golf or never played it before, Mario Golf: Super Rush is a ton of fun. Play as sixteen different characters across over ten different courses as you compete for the title of best golfer. Gameplay modes include standard golf, like the kind you might play in real life or see on television, and speed golf. The benefit of the standard golf mode is that it only requires one controller. During speed golf, all golfers tee off at the same time and rush to where their ball lands while trying to get their ball in first and in the least number of strokes. Players are aided by power ups and trick shots as they try to out compete their opponents through a combination of skill and strategy.

Mariokart 8 Deluxe

Max number of players: 8

Mario Kart 8: Deluxe carries on the time-honored tradition of making friends and family irritated at each other. Not only does the game look graphically satisfying in this most recent iteration, but it also touts the most content of any of the games in the series. The base game includes forty-eight different tracks to race across, but if you subscribe to Nintendo’s premium online service, this number is doubled to a whopping ninety-six tracks, giving you plenty of opportunities to humiliate your friends and family through your racing prowess.

Mario Party

Max number of players: 4

Mario Party is often times the go to for people looking for video games for parties and other gatherings, and for good reason. I mean, party is literally in the title of the game. This game plays similar to others in the Mario Party series in that players roll a dice, move around the board, and then play minigames following every round. Players try to earn stars throughout the game. The player with the most stars at the end of the game win. This entry is kind of like the “greatest hits” of the minigames featured in the previous twenty-five years of Mario Party games.


Max number of players: 4

Minecraft is kind of a genre defying game. While it’s considered a creative game, it also has its fair share of adventure and RPG elements. For the most part, the title of the game describes exactly what it is you do in the game: you mine, you craft, and then you place the blocks you’ve mined and crafted. Building things in this game is largely reminiscent to playing with Legos. While there is an overall story to the game, it largely takes the backseat to whatever goal you set for yourself while you play. Since Minecraft is a game largely based on your own imagination, what you do when you play with your friends is up to you. Do you want to work together to build a giant mansion, or would you rather play separate from each other in the same world? The choice is yours to make.

Minecraft Dungeons

Max number of players: 4

Minecraft Dungeons is a dungeon crawling adventure RPG taking place in the Minecraft universe. For people who have already played Minecraft, there will be a lot of familiar faces making cameos from the original game. That being said, playing Minecraft beforehand isn’t a prerequisite to enjoy this game. For those who are familiar with the Diablo series of video games, this game can best be thought of as a family friendly version of Diablo. Players will work together across a variety of biomes and realms to put a stop to the Arch-Illager who is terrorizing the land. Throughout the game players will pick up loot that gives them new abilities to alter their playstyles. This game is a great option for people seeking a game that emphasizes teamwork.

Moving Out

Moving out 2

Max number of players: 4

Slap, throw, and destroy furniture as you work alongside friends and family as the newest employees of Smooth Moves Moving Company. Moving Out 1 and 2 are all about working as a team as you try to beat the clock while you load your moving van up with all sorts of furniture. Don’t be fooled by how deceptively easy this sounds! Players will have to navigate around a slew of obstacles and put their collective brainpower together as they determine the quickest way to get everything moved out. When it comes to moving furniture, sometimes the best way around a window is through it.