Craft of the Month- April

Welcome to April! It's that time of the year where everything feels more hopeful. There's more green, more flowers, and the days are getting longer and longer. So, that makes it a great month to make something cute! For April's craft, we're going to be making pompom soot sprites inspired by the movie Spirited Away. Each kit will come with everything you need to make these cute creatures to add decoration to your bedroom, desk, or anywhere you feel like you need a little pick me up. We'll even include some fishing wire so you can make a chain of them, if you so wish!

Be sure to register here starting April 4th for your Take and Make kit!

Looking for other adorable pompom creatures you can make? Check out these books from the library!

DIY Pompoms

Inspired by our Soot Sprite Teen Take and Make for April, check out these books to make other crafts with pompoms or yarn! Or, checkout some books featuring art from Studio Ghibli.

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