Crafting Makes You Happy

Crafting it's fun and good for you. If I'm not spending the afternoon reading or baking, then I'd prefer to be crafting. I love getting to make something out of random bits and pieces or creating some decorations to help make your house feel like home. And I'm not alone in that. Research has shown that crafting is good for your mental health.

Crafting of any kind can improve mood and self-confidence and reduce stress. Crafting has also been linked to being a natural anti-depressant according to research done by Spectrum Health.

So, if you're looking to have fun with a new skill, or just up for a feel-good boost, the library can help. This month we are learning how to needle felt. If you want to join in the fun we'd love to see you. But, if you can't make it we still have some resources to help you learn how.

Needle Felting Resources

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Want to learn a new craft or expand on your knowledge check out these books about needle felting.

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