So you need to look up a phone number…

Have you ever found yourself wishing we still had the White Pages? Would you say you're at least "okay" at computers? 

Enter A to Z Databases, the online resource that's aimed at business investors (and there are plenty of uses on that front), but also functions as a digital version of the White Pages.

If you know a person's name and what city/state they live in, you can type what you know in the form and click "Search."  If they've made their contact information public, you'll be able to see it in the search results. It's not a 100% a guarantee to find a phone number, but it can be a good starting point. Click here to try it out!

A to Z Databases is a MeL (Michigan eLibrary) resource and is free to use as long as you are geolocated in Michigan.

You can also explore our digital resources according to subject by clicking on this link or by clicking on "Research & Learn" on any of our website pages, then clicking on "Online Resources," as seen in the image below.

Please note that clicking on "A-Z Resources" (underneath "Online Resources") is not the same as A to Z Databases, and will take you to a full list of our online resources in alphabetical order. A to Z Databases will still be close to the top of the list, though!