What To Read After You Finish Heartstopper

When it released on Netflix at the end of April, Heartstopper definitely took the world by storm. Fans everywhere rejoiced at the near perfect adaptation as it unfolded on screen. It brought a whole new audience to an already beloved graphic novel series.

If you, like me, finished the show much too quickly, you might be thinking what can I read next? Is there anything out there that will give me the same vibes? The answer is a resolute yes! If you’re chasing that Heartstopper feeling going into Pride Month, here are some books you’ll definitely want to check out.


One of the only graphic novels that will give you similar vibes to Nick and Charlie, except Ari and Hector fall in love at Ari’s family bakery. And we’ll be getting a second installment sometime in 2023!

Heartstopper similarities: cute gay romance, first love, finding your identity

Check, Please!

Another graphic novel with baking, but also hockey. It’s Bitty’s first year of college, and he might be falling for his hockey captain. Oh, and he also runs a vlog about baking.

Heartstopper similarities: sporty love interest, coming out, supportive friendships

The Sky Blues

Robbie Couch (a Michigan native!) jumped on the scene in 2021, and you’ll definitely fall in love with Sky. After his promposal plans are leaked by a homophobic hacker, his classmates surprise him by turning his prom countdown into a hunt for the culprit.

Heartstopper similarities: found family, friends to lovers, swoon worthy romance

The Summer of Everything

Wes is determined to save his favorite indie bookstore the summer before going to college. Oh, and also getting the courage to tell his best friend, Nico, how he really feels about him. Before it’s too late.

Heartstopper similarities: best friends to lovers, supportive friendships, happy vibes

You Should See Me in A Crown

In order to get a scholarship to college, Liz has decided to run for homecoming queen. What she doesn’t expect is to fall in love with the competition. All the trappings of a classic teen high school romance!

Heartstopper similarities: popular love interest, strong supporting cast, mental health representation

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