How to Taste Chocolate Like a Pro

Hello, fellow chocolate lovers! Have you ever found yourself wondering if you could hack it as a professional chocolate taster? You’re not alone. While most of us don’t get paid the big bucks to taste delicious treats, we can at least pretend.

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Prefer to try it at home? Here are steps the professionals use whenever they taste chocolate:

  • Step One: Cleanse your palate.
    • You can do this by drinking room-temperature water or nibbling some fruit like sliced apples.
  • Step Two: Look at the chocolate.
    • Does it have a shine to it? How's the coloring?
  • Step Three: Feel and listen to the chocolate.
    • Does it melt quickly in your hands? Does it have a sharp snap when you break it?
  • Step Four: Smell the chocolate.
    • Does it smell like any other recognizable flavors like nuts or fruit?
  • Step Five: Taste the chocolate.
    • Let it melt in your mouth, don't chew. The flavor notes should change the longer it's in your mouth.

Here’s a video about how to taste dark chocolate: 

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