Learn a New Game: Dixit

Dixit is a great game to play with the family, as it depends on how well you know your fellow players.

This game is a little different for a board game. There are beautiful cards depicting an image or scene and the players take turns being the storyteller. When you are the storyteller, you select one of the cards and say a word or phrase related to the card. The rest of the players then submit cards that they think also match your word or phrase. The storyteller then flips the cards face up and everyone tries to guess which card belongs to the storyteller. But! Be careful your word or phrase is not too easy to guess, because if everyone guesses your card, you don't get any points. The same happens if your story is too hard and no one guesses it; no points for the storyteller. You have to get at least one person to vote for your card without having everyone vote for it. This is why it's helpful to know the people you are playing with, you can pick words or phrases that mean something to both players.

Dixit really gets your creative juices flowing but doesn't require tons of strategy or planning. The game supports 3 to 8 players so the whole family can play together and it only takes around 30 minutes to finish. If you'd like to try out Dixit and see what you think, stop by one of our open game days.