Learn a New Game: Sagrada

Did you know that the library recently acquired a board game collection? It's true! We invite you to join us this summer on the second Wednesday of the month to play them. (You are welcome to bring your own games as well.) One of the games the library owns is called Sagrada, and it is a favorite of mine to play with friends or family. Let me give you a brief overview of the game.

First, to set the mood, load up the Sagrada playlist. Next, be sure to have 1 to 4 people older than 10 ready to spend 30 minutes to an hour playing a very pretty game with loads of dice. The basic aim of Sagrada is to fill in your stained glass window using the very pretty dice, but of course there are complications. There are public goals to consider, as well as secret goals, to earn you points. Each player's window has specific rules to follow, along with the general rules that state die of the same color or number may not be touching. This makes your window quite the puzzle.

This game is competitive, not cooperative, so you need to use strategy and there are opportunities to cause problems for your opponents at play. This game also offers solo play rules for those who want to practice and be better able to dominate their foes, er, friends and family. All told, Sagrada is a beautiful strategy game that isn't too mean to play with family. Stop by the library and check it out.