Learn a New Game: Smash Up

Have you ever wanted to be a pirate? How about a ninja pirate? Well, in Smash Up, you can be. Smash Up is a great game where you take two decks of cards and smash them together to get your team for the game. This may result in wizard dinosaurs or trickster aliens or even robot zombies. You and the other players compete to take over bases with your team's special abilities and the player with the most points wins.

To start, you have to make your team. Each game you can choose different teams to smash up, resulting in a different game each time. Once you've chosen your smash up, shuffle the decks together and start playing. On your turn, you can play an action which allows you to get things moving, and play a minion on a base, which can also cause a cascade of effects. The bases are placed at random and tie into the various factions you can play.

In order to score points to win, you need to meet the conditions of the base. All players continue to add minions to a base until the breakpoint is reached. Then they add their minion's points together to see who has the highest power on the base, that player scores the first place victory points (this is not always the most points). This continues until one player hits 15 or more points and wins the game. If this game sounds like your type of game, give it a try at one of the library's game nights.