Learn a New Game: Sushi Go Party

You may have played Sushi Go, but Sushi Go Party ups the number of people that can play and adds some variations to make Sushi Go even more fun. Sushi Go Party is a great game for families of all ages to play together.

One difference with Sushi Go Party is the ability to choose different "meals" which have different cards, some new ones from the original Sushi Go, and different difficulty levels. Before you start a game, choose which meal you want to play with and pull only those cards from the box. Sushi Roll Party also comes with a new game board to help keep track of which cards are in play and how they work as well as a way to keep score for players.

Sushi Go Party is played over three rounds and what makes this game interesting is that players are dealt a hand and Player 1 chooses what one card they want to keep and after revealing that card, Player 1's hand is passed to Player 2 while Player 1 gets a new hand from Player 3. So you have to try and collect points while everyone else is collecting points and sharing cards. It makes it hard to strategize and keep your plan secret when everyone can see what cards are available. After the cards are gone, the score is tallied and a new round starts. After three rounds of passing cards, the final score is tallied and the winner of dinner is discovered.

Sushi Go Party is tons of fun and I really recommend checking it out! If you'd like to play test it, stop by a library gaming night and give it a go.