Life Comes At You Swiftly

Book and music pairings, when done well, can be a wonderful thing. Each can enhance the mood of the other. One of the most popular and prolific musicians of our time is Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift was first signed in 2004 and released her first album in 2006. Swift has released 10 studio albums to go along with her rereleased albums called 'Taylor's Version' and a multitude of live-recorded albums. With almost 20 years' worth of recorded music... that's A LOT of T-Swift in our lives. She has also earned around 40 awards for her music.

Swift's popularity continues, with the release of her Midnights album and the announcement of her Era's tour Swift continues to break not just records...but also Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster has now undergone a Senate hearing after it crashed horribly and canceled ticket sales for Swift's concert. Well, it might have also had something to do with their large service fees as well.

We at the library can't offer you tickets to her tour, but we can give you book recommendations to go with the moods of her albums. We also have individual book suggestions for her newest album, Midnights. Check out a sneak peek of the list below.

Life Comes At You Swiftly - YA

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If you love Taylor Swift and you love reading...check out these YA books matched with albums and matched to her newest songs.

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