Making with Creativebug

During the summer I always find myself wanting to do more making and creating than during other times of the year. Maybe it's because of the illusion of more time. More sunlight equals longer days and more energy right!? The hardest part for me is trying to decide what to make. Sometimes I want to do a Cricut project or baking. Other times I think I'd like to do something with furniture or get inspired to do a project using a technique that is new to me.

During this process, I also think about the amount of time I will inevitably spend researching proper techniques and ways to do things. So, it's always nice when you come across a resource that you know has quality material.

Did you know that our library has a way to make this process easier? Herrick offers a subscription to a service called Creativebug to all its library users.

Creativebug is an online learning platform filled with DIY videos, creating blogs, and a patterns library. Besides the knowledgeable instructors, what I like most about Creativebug is the variety of classes. They have classes on everything from art and design, sewing, weaving, jewelry, home decor, furniture refinishing, ceramics, holidays, and more!

To get to Creativebug go to the Herrick website, then the 'Research & Learn' tab. Under 'Research & Learn' in the 'Featured' category you can find Creativebug. Finally, create an account using your library credentials.