Michigan Ghost Hunting

It’s October, the best month out of the entire year (I will not hear any arguments to the contrary). That means it’s ghost season! Whether you like to read about haunted places in Michigan or you enjoy hunting for ghosts yourself, Herrick has something for you.

Ghost hunting tools in the Library of Things:

EMF Reader – When you need to know what sort of energy fluctuations you’re dealing with in a haunted house, the EMF reader is a go-to tool for ghost hunters. How else will you determine if you have poor electrical or a full blown haunting in that creepy closet?

Go Pro – You definitely need to record that full-bodied apparition in the old mansion as evidence. Hey, if there’s no photo, it didn’t happen. Or so the skeptics will say…

Smartphone Gimbal - You might consider a gimbal for steading your camera footage for when you run away in fear. You won't see the ghosts in the hallway with a jostled camera view.

Digital storytelling kit – Once you get those ghosts talking, record the EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) with this handy tool.

Garmin GPS – Don’t get lost in that haunted forest, though the ghosts might enjoy your heightened fear. (insert spooky laugh here)

Turntable – Sometimes you need a little old-timey music to remind those ghosts of times gone by. It gets them talking. And maybe dancing. (Yes, this is a real thing that ghost hunters do sometimes. Ask me how I know.)

So, where will you go a-hunting? Here are some books about haunted places in Michigan for a little inspiration:

Disease and Death Among the Early Settlers in Holland, Michigan

Ghosthunting Michigan

Ghostly Tales of Michigan

Ghosts and Legends of Michigan's West Coast

Ghosts of Bay City, Saginaw, and Midland, Michigan

Ghosts of Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Michigan's Haunted Legends and Lore

Wicked Ottawa County, Michigan

Midwest Hauntings

Haunted Lake Michigan

Myths and Mysteries of Michigan

Haunts of the Upper Great Lakes

Haunted Flint

Weird Michigan