Newer Teen Manga Series

Manga is a style of writing that has been growing exponentially over the past few years. For those who are unfamiliar, manga is a Japanese-style comic of a serialized narrative told in black and white artwork. If you aren't familiar with manga, maybe you've heard the term anime. These two words are linked. Anime is the animated form of Japanese-style comics. So, while not every manga has an anime and not every anime has a manga, they often overlap.

The popularity of manga and the amount of manga has been on the rise in Japan and the United States. This growth in popularity is also true, for our library patrons. So, we have added eight new series in the past year.

Check out the list below to see these added titles and remember, if we don't have a series you're interested in...just ask a librarian we'll see if we can borrow the title or add the series to our collection.

Newer Teen Manga

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Check out these Teen Manga series we've added to the library over the past year.

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