Poetry is About Listening

According to Jo Harjo, United States Poet Laureate and this year's Big Read author, "poetry’s really about listening, everything really ultimately is." And one way to really hear poetry is to listen to the author read it. Listening to poetry brings "in poetry and orality and speech and rhythm – and all those chewy words that you get in poetry." For some, it is a reflection of the oral traditions they are working hard to preserve.

So, if you're ready to listen to some poetry, why not start with Joy Harjo herself?

An American Sunrise

Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings

Another poet that you can listen to read his own poetry is N. Scott Momaday.

Earth Keeper

The Death of Sitting Bear

For a poet that asks the hard questions, like what happens to a modern, queer indigenous person a few generations after his ancestors were alienated from their language, their religion, and their history?


For a poet that has studied with some of the greats, check out Cedar Sigo.

Language Arts

Listening to a poem can help you feel it so much more, so try feeling these poets soon.