Singing the Title

Becoming an author takes dedication. It takes being willing to write and write and write some more. And then once you've done all that you have to let someone actually read and judge your writing to be able to revise, revise, revise, revise, and for a change of pace... more revision. But, once you've got your story. You need a title. 

The title of a book can be one of the most important decisions an author makes. It is often a reader's first judgement of a book. One popular format for titles is writing them as popular song lyrics. It's a way of creating a title that, I personally think, is fun. 

Not only are these titles fun, I also think they are attention grabbing. Giving authors a chance to draw you into find out more about their books. 

So, in honor of these catchy titles, I've complied a list of YA books that have song lyrics as titles.

Lyrical Line Titles - YA

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YA Books with lyrics as titles.

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