Slowing Down in a Fast-Paced World

I don't typically do New Year's resolutions, but if I did, this year it would be to do less and rest more. A healthy work-life balance is good for everyone. If you want to join me, unplug from the grind culture and slow down with these books. 

Work Won't Love You Back

As Jaffe argues, understanding the trap of the labor of love will empower us to work less and demand what our work is worth. And once freed from those binds, we can finally figure out what actually gives us joy, pleasure, and satisfaction.

Laziness Does Not Exist

Price examines the main tenets of the "laziness lie," seamlessly weaves vignettes into the narrative, and offers tips to help mitigate the pressure we all feel to push ourselves beyond what is healthy or necessary.

How to Do Nothing

Nothing is harder to do these days than nothing. But in a world where our value is determined by our 24/7 data productivity, doing nothing may be our most important form of resistance.

How to Relax

How to Relax shows how critical it is to regularly interrupt the hub-bub and routine of our lives to stop, relax mindfully, and recharge.


In our busy lives, rest is defined as the absence of work: late-night TV binges, hours spent trawling the internet, something to do once we’ve finished everything else on our to-do lists. But dismissing rest stifles our ability to think creatively and truly recharge.

Do Nothing

This manifesto helps us break free of our unhealthy devotion to efficiency and shows us how to reclaim our time and humanity with a little more leisure.

Now let's all go take a nap.