Spicy Audiobooks to Keep You Warm

Let's turn up the heat this winter with some spicy audiobook recommendations.

If you are a fan of Disney and aren't afraid of having your innocence ruined, Katee Robert's Wicked Villains series may be for you. The series follows in the footsteps of Fifty Shades of Grey by removing the magical and adding the spicy to classic Disney villains. Start the series with Desperate Measures, retelling the story of Jasmine and Jafar.

Desperate Measures

If you prefer a little vampire with your spice, you might try Dark Prince, the first book in the Dark Carpathian series by Christine Feehan. This series casts vampires in a slightly different light and relies heavily on the soulmate trope. Dark and spicy sound up your alley?

Dark Prince

If you like a little comedy with your spice, try Tessa Bailey. It Happened One Summer has Schitt's Creek vibes blended into the steam.

It Happened One Summer

How about a corporate romance? Only the business at hand is heartbreak and revenge for bad relationships. Try Sonia Hartl's Heartbreak for Hire.

Heartbreak for Hire

Do you prefer sweet to spicy? Can't go wrong with classic Bridgerton.

The Duke and I

So, warm enough for you?