Surviving May

By the time we reach May, we've often hit survival mode for school. May signals the coming of the end of the school year, which means final projects, AP exams, end-of-the-semester exams, late work (maybe), Tulip Time, graduation, and possibly the end of a sports season or club. It can also signal the start of a summer job, summer sports, or getting ready for summer camps or trips.

Wherever you fit in this mix, it's a time of year full of transition and the knowledge that if you can survive the load until the end of the month, it will probably get just that little bit easier.

We at the library want to help. Starting May 30th, at the main branch, we will be hosting a study cafe in the Teen Area. Every weekday from 4 p.m. until close we will have drinks, snacks, destressing activities, and a place to study. So, if you want a place to work or a place to unwind, stop by the library May 30th - June 8th.

Alternatively, if you'd like to survive the month by escaping in a good book, check out these survival stories.

Could You, Would You, Survive-YA

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