Swoon Worthy YA Romances

I know what you’re probably thinking. Amanda, romances are associated with summer! After all, they're generally the perfect beach reads. And who doesn't want something light and fun to read in the summer? However, I also think they’re the perfect match for spring. As the weather gets warmer, I love reading romance books that just make you feel warm and happy. Even if the weather outside doesn't always match that. It is Michigan--there's still a chance we'll get more snow before summer is finally on its way. If you’re looking for a book that’s sure to leave you smiling long after you finish it, you’ll definitely want to pick up one of these books. Check out some of my personal favorite YA romances, and then find more at the list below!


You're sure to be rooting for Nick and Charlie's relationship from the frist page. Not only do they have beautiful chemistry, but they're just too adorable together!

Happily Ever Afters

Tessa is an aspiring romance writer. So, what better way to get the romance right than to have one of her own? Even if it's one she's not necessarily expecting.

Today Tonight Tomorrow

If you're more of a rivals to lovers person, you'll love the budding romance between Rowan and Neil. Especially as they compete to be the best.

Only Mostly Devastated

A twist on the classic, Grease, a boy-meets-boy romance is at the center of this one. And it's sure to please the thater nerd in us all.

Chasing Lucky

When two old best friends are suddenly thrown together for a summer, you know that sparks will fly. Bonus: one of the main settings here is a bookshop, and who doens't like romances in bookshops?

Swoon Worthy YA Romances

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