The Excitement of Formula One

With a couple of races already finished, the 2023 season of Formula One is currently underway, and I couldn’t be more excited. I was introduced to this sport last year by my sister when she asked if I wanted to participate in a fantasy Formula One team with her and her father-in-law. Knowing absolutely nothing about F1, but willing to learn, I agreed. What resulted was a complete dumpster fire of a F1 team. Few of my racers ever finished, and when they did, they usually never earned any points for my team. My strategy of investing heavily in mid-field drivers blew up in my face as the season progressed and my sister and her father-in-law were able to rack up more points with just two drivers than I was with eight. In all, I ended up losing by no small margin.

All that to be said, somewhere along the way I stopped watching races just to see how my racers were doing and instead started watching it because I was genuinely interested in what was happening on and off the track during the race. I started to pick up on the lingo, in-jokes, and references to past racers. I started to understand the drama happening behind the scenes and how it bled into how the racers acted during the races. Above all, I began to understand the interplay of engineering, ability, and personality that unfolded on the track during each race. After watching the entire season of Formula One last year, I can confidently say I am completely enamored by it.

In an effort to share my love for the sport and enthuse other people about it, below I have compiled a list of Formula One resources available to you with your library card.

Formula One - the Pinnacle

The World of Formula One

Ferrari Formula 1 Car by Car

Formula One: the Champions

The Mechanic's Tale

Formula One: the Pursuit of Speed


Nigel Mansell