The Perfect Choice!

Volunteering in your library has numerous benefits. We offer a variety of ways for teens to volunteer with the library, and each has its advantages.

One thing that we offer for teens is the Teen Advisory Board or TAB here you can develop leadership skills, friendships, and voice in the community. Teens in 8th through 12th grade can sign-up to be a part of TAB. These students help make decisions on programs that we should be offering teens, lead community service projects that matter to them, and help create displays around teen interests.

While our TAB group is limited to 8th - 12th-grade students, the rest of our volunteering opportunities are available to 6th - 12th graders.

A couple of other volunteer opportunities available are our adopt-a-shelf and specialty programs. Adopt-a-shelf helps staff and patrons be able to quickly and easily find books. Specialty programs happen less frequently but are a lot of fun. Sometimes we have programs with stations that may need a volunteer or two to help make crafts or run games.

While these are all great in-person opportunities, sometimes schedules make it hard to commit to these things. A fantastic alternative would be to volunteer to be a teen book reviewer. This can be done from the comfort of your home, or anywhere that you have internet access. What I like most about this opportunity is that you can get your book review published on our library webpage for other teens to see.

If you still aren't convinced that this is enough of a reason to volunteer... keep in mind volunteering gets you community service hours. If you're interested in learning more about these opportunities and how to sign-up you can visit our Teen Volunteers page on the Teen section of our website.