What I’m Listening to April Edition

Hello everyone, and welcome back for another edition of "What I'm Listening To"! This month brings back America's national pastime. No, not football. Baseball season is upon us! If you're a Tigers fan like I am, there isn't a lot of hope this season. What better way to cope with a team that will be bottom of the AL Central than to listen to some songs about baseball? And with that, time to step up to the plate!

"Centerfield" - John Fogerty (The Best of the Songs of John Fogerty)

John Fogerty has one of those unique voices that as soon as you hear him start singing, you know who it is. The headman for Creedence Clearwater Revival, Fogerty was instrumental in his music groups success of hit songs such as "Fortunate Son, "Up Around the Bend", and "Have You Ever Seen the Rain". "Centerfield" originally came off of his album of the same name, and as the title suggests, it is about playing centerfield in baseball. An iconic baseball song.

The Best of the Songs of John Fogerty 20th Century Masters the Millennium Collection

"Batter Up" - Nelly (Country Grammar (Live))

Growing up, Nelly was one of the most popular rappers around. I remember when "Country Grammar" came out, and it was a St. Louis music revolution. Nelly brought his own style that produced numerous Hip Hop hits on this album alone, such as "Ride Wit Me", "St. Louis", and of course "Country Grammar". If you've never seen the music video to this, it is a classic. If you're a newer rap fan and have never listened to Nelly before, please do. 

Country Grammar [live]

"Take Me Out to the Ballgame" - William Hung (Miracle)

A long time ago, American Idol was one of the top shows on television. One year, a man named William Hung captivated a nation by singing, well, not well. However, he endeared himself to the American people, and laughed all the way to the bank. "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" is an iconic, classic song at any professional baseball field. William himself sang it at a Toronto Blue Jays game. The important thing here is that he enjoyed himself singing it. If you want a less serious music choice selection, I have finally done one.


"Glory Days" - Bruce Springsteen (The Essential Bruce Springsteen)

The man nicknamed "The Boss" knocked it out of the park with this track. A prolific singer/songwriter, Bruce Springsteen has so many hits accompanied along by his E-Street Band. This song is him reminiscing about his old playing days. When I hear this song, I'm thinking nice weather, at the ballpark with my dad, snacking on peanuts (shell on...nothing better than cracking them open and throwing the shells on the ground!). 

The Essential Bruce Springsteen

"The Greatest" - Kenny Rogers (Discovery Vault: Kenny Rogers)

Kenny Rogers enjoyed a long career in the country music industry. One of the more famous country singers of all time, Kenny had many hits. The track "The Greatest" originally came out on his "She Rides Wild Horses" album, and weaves together a baseball story within the music. I'm not a big country guy, but I can't say no to Kenny.

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