What I’m Listening To – April

Hey all, and welcome once again for this month's What I'm Listening To! This month, I thought I would do songs for musicians that have upcoming tours coming through West Michigan.  So, with that, here we go!

"Highway Tune" - Greta Van Fleet (From the Fires)

Greta Van Fleet jumped onto the scene heavily in their album From the Fires. A local band of young musicians from Michigan, Greta Van Fleet is one of the best up and coming rock bands. "Highway Tune" is a great song to be introduced to this band, and you can't help but to jam out to this. Their sound is great and harkens back to Led Zeppelin. Greta Van Fleet will be visiting May 19.

From the Fires

"In Too Deep" - Sum 41 (All Killer No Filler)

This one brings me back to middle school. Sum 41 was one of a number of punk rock bands that came about in the early 2000s, and "In Too Deep" was a solid hit. Although their hits ran out by the late 00's, Sum 41 still has staying power. You can see Sum 41 at Van Andel April 26 AND 27.

All Killer No Filler

"Would That I" - Hozier (Wasteland, Baby!)

Hozier is a good alternative rock artist who hopped into pop culture in the 2010's. My favorite song of his, and his most famous song, "Take Me to Church" is definitely something worth listening to. Unfortunately, we don't have access to it. SO, look it up! However, we do have his album Wasteland, Baby! in our collection. His style is kind've a wispy voice then going full throttle. Hozier will be at Van Andel May 29.

Wasteland, Baby!

"Too Much Time on My Hands" - Styx (Paradise Theatre)

One of the highlights of my musical life has been to see Styx play in concert when they came to Muskegon for Summer Celebration. I don't know when exactly it happened, but I know by early middle school these guys were one of the bands I jammed out to. I would blast the classics from them including "Renegade", "Mr. Roboto", "Blue Collar Man", and "Lady", to name a few. I still have the shirt from the tour. These guys rock, and will be in Grand Rapids June 11, along with Renegade!

Paradise Theatre

"With Arms Wide Open" - Creed (Human Clay)

Creed. YES, Creed! Creed was a popular rock band in the late 90's early 2000s. Known for their lead singer Scott Stapp, and also for their memorable halftime performance at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium on Thanksgiving. A cringe-band, they have had a slight resurgence thanks in part to social media. I urge you to listen to them, and tell me they aren't "Decent at best". Creed will be coming to Van Andel in November. Don't miss out on the Creed-sanity!

Human Clay