What I’m Listening to – October

Hello all! October is upon us, which for me means watching scary movies. I absolutely love watching spooky films this time of year, and I hope you will enjoy my music selections from some of them.

"You Are My Sunshine" - Jimmie Davis (The Country Music Hall of Fame)

This iconic song has been redone many times, but the original songwriter was Jimmie Davis. It's supposed to be a happy song, but in the movie Annabelle: Creation, it has a creepy connotation to it. The movie centers around a possessed doll and the paranormal experiences that are haunting the house.

The Country Music Hall of Fame


"Banana Boat Song (Day-O)" - Harry Belafonte (Harry Belafonte)

"Beetlejuice" is one of those quirky movies that is both creepy and funny at the same time. I won't spoil anything, but if you know this part in the movie it is just a great scene.

Harry Belafonte

Binge Box

"Good Vibrations" - Beach Boys (The Very Best of the Beach Boys)

Jordan Peele was a great comedy sketch actor before he turned his attention to directing scary movies. His first movie, "Get Out" was highly praised and majorly successful. His next movie was named "Us" which follows a family that is being pursued by their doppelgangers. The Beach Boys song "Good Vibrations" is used in a scene that is supposed to bring some levity, but quickly chaos ensues. 

The Very Best of the Beach Boys


"Hip to be Square" - Huey Lewis and the News (Fore!)

"American Psycho" is a pretty brutal film that follows a serial killer who works on Wall Street during the 1980s. At a certain point in the movie, this gets put on, and things quickly go downhill from there. Christian Bale delivers one of his best performances and while a bloody film, it is a pretty good film.


"Halloween: Main Theme" - John Carpenter (The Greatest Sci-fi & Horror Themes)

Whenever I hear this song start, I know exactly what it means: Michael Meyers is about to show up. The Halloween movie series has been going since the 70s, but the first movie, "Halloween", is definitely my favorite of the bunch. The song is chilling and sets a growing sense of suspense. 

The Greatest Sci-fi & Horror Themes