What I’m Listening to – September

Hello everyone! Now that September is upon us, my favorite sport is starting up: football! I am a HUGE college and NFL football fan, and in honor of the season, this month's songs I picked are from some of my favorite football movies. Even if you don't watch football, I hope you'll still be able to enjoy the music below! Go Blue and Go Lions!

"Follow Me" - Uncle Kracker (Double Wide)

In 2009 a movie called "The Blind Side" came out, detailing the true story of Michael Oher. Michael didn't have a good home environment and was taken in by Touhy family in Mississippi where he quickly became a standout football player. It is movie about the power of kindness and empathy for other people. Uncle Kracker was one of those artists in the late 90s early 2000's who had a couple radio hits, but when "Follow Me" came out, it was most definitely his number 1 hit. His style is a country twang rock vibe, and the song flows so well that I absolutely will sing along to this it ever comes across my radio. 

Double Wide

"Peace Train" - Cat Stevens (Cat Stevens)

"Remember the Titans" is my favorite football movie of all time. It's the true story of the first fully racially integrated football team in Virginia in 1971. The movie illustrates the struggles of the characters of the movie of first coming together as a football team because of their skin color, and ultimately realizing they had so much more in common than they thought. Their unity off the field led to success on the field, and it's a true team building movie that applies not just to sports. "Peace Train" from Cat Stevens plays in the movie at a certain time of change within the players themselves, and I think the song really encapsulates the idea of coming together for a common purpose.

Cat Stevens

"The Final Game" - Jerry Goldsmith (Rudy)

"Rudy" is the classic story (it has been thoroughly debunked, the true story was not anything like the movie portrayed) of a football player named Rudy who tries to not only get on Notre Dame's football team, but also meaningfully contribute even though he lacks the size and skill. It is only by sheer determination that he overcomes adversity and becomes the person he wanted to be. "The Final Game" is probably the most iconic track from the motion picture, and if you like soundtrack offerings with no vocals, this is a classic.


"Bust a Move" - Young MC (The Replacements)

"The Replacements" is a fictional tale where the professional football players in America go on strike, thus forcing the owners to find replacement players to play on the team to keep their revenue stream going. The movie follows a rag tag group of has-beens and guys getting a second chance at being a pro. "Bust a Move" is a great old rap song by Young MC. With the upbeat tempo, you will find yourself bobbing your head to the music.

Stone Cold Rhymin'

"Draggin' the Line" - Tommy James and the Shondells (We Are Marshall)

"We Are Marshall" is a true story of how the Marshall football team and their community recovered after a terrible plane crash killed most of the football team's coaches, players, and boosters in 1970. It is a very moving film that is about conquering adversity, and finding something within oneself. While Tommy James and the Shondell's are known for other hits such as "Hanky Panky", I really do enjoy this toe tapping song.

Tommy James and the Shondells: Anthology