What I’m Listening to This Month

If you're like me, you love to listen to music! Luckily, the library offers a large and diverse collection that you can choose from, whether in CD or emusic form. Here's what I've been listening to this month.

“Walk Idiot Walk” - The Hives (Tyrannosaurus Hives)

Sometimes I just like to scrunch my face a little and listen to some grungy rock. "Walk Idiot Walk" is a tap-your-finger-on-your-steering-wheel-while-you're-rocking-out song. If that’s your thing, you should enjoy this 2004 album by The Hives.

Tyrannosaurus Hives

"Children of the Sun” – Billy Thorpe (Children of the Sun…Revisited)

This album gives off some psychedelic, far-out classic rock vibes à la Rush or Styx, specifically the titular track “Children of the Sun.”

Children of the Sun...Revisited

“Stargazing” – Kygo (Stargazing)

I came upon Kygo randomly a couple months ago, and I asked why I hadn’t heard of him before! “Stargazing” is probably one of my favorite new electronica songs. I think it illustrates very well that electronica/techno music does not have to have a lot of bass to succeed and is a generally nice melodic track.


“Sit Next To Me” – Foster the People (Sacred Hearts Club)

Foster the People has been one of my low-key favorite alternative rock bands the last number of years. “Sit Next to Me” is a fun, upbeat song that incorporates a lot of what FTP does well. If you like this one, you should check out their earlier album Supermodel, which I thoroughly love.

Sacred Hearts Club


“Tequila Shots” – Kid Cudi (Man on the Moon Vol. III)

Kid Cudi is one of my favorite rap artists of the last twenty-five years. His first album, Man on the Moon: The End of Day, completely blew me away. That is an album I can listen to front to back. His latest reiteration MOTM Vol. III, circles back to what made that first album so good. “Tequila Shots” is a great song that continues that legacy.

Man on the Moon Vol. III

Man on the Moon