Main Library Renovation

Main Library Renovation Project

  UPDATE: May 22, 2024

New Study Rooms are operational on the north side of the Main Library along 12th Street with seating options from one person to a group, for quiet study, small meetings, or gaming. Ask a staff member or read the information on the digital screen next to each Study Room to reserve a space.

  UPDATE: March 18, 2024

The new Groundworks area is now open!

Stop by to check it out. If the garage door is open, that means we're ready to show you around and help you envision what you might like to create in the new space.

  UPDATE: February 20, 2024

The new Children's Area is now open on the 2nd floor! Come explore the new space. We can't wait to show you around.

What else are we up to for the rest of February?

  • Moving staff to various new or temporary offices so we can open and close other areas for construction
  • Preparing the new Groundworks space to open soon on the Main Level
  • Finishing up the new central staircase, which will replace the old spiral staircase and repair the area where water leaks were frequently occurring

  UPDATE: January 21, 2024

New features are taking shape as construction Phase 1 ramps down and we prepare for Phase 2.

  • A new row of floor to ceiling study rooms was framed out last week on the 12th Street side of the Main Library.
  • A two-story play structure for kids on is nearing completion
  • A fairy treehouse was installed in the Children's Area, as we prepare to open that section before Spring Break

  UPDATE: January 15, 2024

Something special was installed this week. As we prepare for the children's area to open this spring, we're launching several new features for kids to enjoy. One of those new features is this fairy treehouse, designed by the Outdoor Discovery Center. Every side of the treehouse has a peep hole with something fun to view. Watch for more information on the children's floor re-opening upstairs soon.

  UPDATE: September 12,2023

Main Library Renovation Projects


Smoother and more intuitive navigation will be a key component of the renovated library. Just past the entrance, a designated returns area will be located on the left side, to the right of the elevator. Around the corner to the left, a new area for holds will be built into the wall. Further down that northwest side wall, you will find a new meeting room and a new LEGO Lab. Opposite that wall, open workspace tables will lead you into the stacks that hold the majority of the library's adult collections.


The north side wall, along 12th Street, will feature a row of study rooms in various sizes accommodating two, four, or six users. Each study room will have a glass wall that runs floor to ceiling. Two of the new study rooms will have additional insulation and will be set up for video gaming.


On the southwest side of the main level, to the right of the main entrance, you'll find a new and improved Groundworks digital learning and maker space. This new space will offer classes, workshops, and independent work stations for users to create their own projects using Groundworks resources.


On the upper level of the library, a two-story imaginative play area reflective of the shops on Windmill Island will be built into the center of the south wall. The shop on the lower level of the play area will rotate through different types of educational toys allowing the space to serve as a grocery store one week, a garden shop another week, or whatever Holland area kids imagine the space to be.


On the lower level, a double sided fireplace will be the centerpiece of a new cozy reading area. On the north side of the fireplace, a walled off quiet reading area will include magazines, newspapers, and seating. On the south side of the fireplace, you will find a newly renovated Book Nook used book store, operated by the Friends of Herrick District Library.

  UPDATE: August 11,2023

Demo is underway for some of the new spaces!

Former Study Rooms - Main Level
New Staff Offices - replacing offices formerly along the west window wall. The west wall will now feature public spaces.
Future Groundworks Space - Main Level

  UPDATE: June 29, 2023

HDL's Main Library Renovation: Phase 1

HDL's Main Library Renovation Project will take place over 12-14 months in three phases. The first phase begins in July and lasts through approximately October. NOTE: The Main Library will remain OPEN during the renovation project.

First Phase:

  • Collections in the southwest corner of the main floor have been temporarily moved to the north side of the same floor.
  • Children's collections will soon be moved to the auditorium and the teen areas.

Entire Project: 

  • Library materials are not going away. They will be available throughout the renovation. Ask any staff member with questions - we're here to help!
  • Groundworks will be closed throughout the renovation. Groundworks staff time and equipment will be available for scheduling 1-on-1 appointments after July 10. Appointments will meet inside the library, just not in Groundworks.
  • The Book Nook Used Bookstore will be closed beginning June 25. The library is not accepting any used book donations until after the renovation is complete.
  • There will not be a wall of community info/event postings during renovation.
  • Meeting rooms will not be available to the public until after the renovation; meeting rooms will be storing relocated materials and staff during the renovation.

Sentinel Column 1

"LOCAL - Sara DeVries: Five things to know about Herrick's upcoming renovation: with Holland Sentinel newspaper logo image and a headshot of Sara DeVries, HDL Community Relations Manager

Holland Sentinel: 5 things to know about HDL's renovation

A lifestyle column featured in the Holland Sentinel on June 11, 2023 about the Main Library renovation project

Sentinel Column 1

"Local: Sara DeVries - Here's how to navigate the Main Library during construction Phase One" with photo of Sara DeVries and The Holland Sentinel logo

Here's how to navigate the Main Library during construction

Here's where to find items that have been moved to temporary locations in preparation for phase one of the Main Library renovation project

  UPDATE: June 11, 2023

Not Sure You Want to Navigate the Main Library's Construction? Here are some options:

North Branch

HDL's North Branch - If you haven't been yet, it's time

Jun 28, 2023
The North Branch: a fireplace, Big Red indoor playhouse, nature-based playscape, study rooms, comfy furniture, and no construction noise.

24-Hour Libraries

HDL's 24-Hour Libraries

Visit HDL’s 24-hour library lending machines for new releases and a variety of favorites with books and DVDs for all ages.

Curbside service

HDL offers curbside service Mon - Sat both locations

Curbside Service at HDL

HDL offers curbside service! Place items on hold, then park in the designated spots at either location to pick them up once they're ready.

  UPDATE: March 18, 2023

After two-and-a-half decades, Herrick District Library’s flagship building at 300 S. River Ave. is due for plenty of updates and a few exciting improvements.

At its September meeting of the HDL Board of Trustees, the library voted to award a $5.7 million construction and architecture contract to Lakewood Construction for improvements to the main library.

The renovation project will be paid for through the library’s existing operating budget rather than through a bond. The library’s 2016 millage promise was to expand the now renovated North Branch, followed by this renovation of the main library.

Infrastructure upgrades

The majority of the budget will cover infrastructure upgrades. A new roof, doors, floor coverings, and improvements such as family restrooms are on the project list. In order to make necessary structural changes, the library’s main staircase will be moved and replaced.

“The roof has served us well but is now at the end of its life,” says Library Director Diane Kooiker, noting that regular library visitors will be familiar with the building’s leaky roof and the wastebaskets placed under drips during rainstorms.

An employee-designed aqueduct system has been a stopgap do-it-yourself solution to redirect water above the drop-in ceiling until the renovation could begin.

“It is time for upgrades,” says Kooiker. “Water and books just do not go together.”

Renovation and improvements

The renovation also provides an opportunity for a few improvements, Kooiker says.

“How people use the library has changed over 25 years. Technology is much more of a library focus now. What could it look like to bring Groundworks upstairs or highlight our technology services in new and different ways?” she says. Groundworks is a community space that provides the tools and technology needed to create new things, advance personal and professional projects, and meet, share, and collaborate with others.

Community members will be invited to offer input and share feedback on renovation concepts this spring. Input will be collected through interactive opportunities inside the library building, through social media and website surveys, and through email communications to library cardholders.

Additional study rooms, a popular offering at HDL, are in the tentative plan. Improvements under consideration based on the budget include adding a mother’s/wellness room, comfortable seating, moving the LEGO Lab and Groundworks to a more visible location on the main level, a possible fireplace element, and an update to the Book Nook, a used book store operated by the Friends of HDL organization.

Improvements are also in the works for the upper level. Research in recent years shows young children learn through play. Early literacy initiatives are a key component of the library’s strategic plan. New imaginative and creative play elements for children will help the library meet goals for early literacy education.

Open during construction

Over the past few months, staff members have prepared for the project while working through the initial phases with Lakewood. Construction is likely to begin mid-summer with a goal to complete the work by the end of 2024.

The building will remain open throughout the multiyear project, allowing library users to continue to access library materials. The library will continue to offer programs during construction, which sometimes may take place at partner organization sites or at the library’s North Branch.

Parts of the building may be temporarily closed for part of the project while under construction. Meeting rooms will be unavailable to the public to enable library collections to move to those areas when other parts of the library are closed. Watch for signage and communications for information on where to find library materials during construction, but know that your friendly library staff will also be ready and waiting to help users find what they seek with every library visit.



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