I've always been an avid reader of YA literature and even though I am no longer a teenager, it's still my go-to. Back then I was all about fantasy, witches, and Arthurian legends. Today, I've branched out a little more but still gravitate towards fantasy. I love character-driven stories but appreciate a good worldbuild too. I've been getting more and more into graphic novels as well! When I'm not reading, I'm playing video games, re-watching my favorite TV shows, or failing forward at a new craft project.

Reading Lists

Amanda's Reading Lists

YA Lit: Historical Fiction Featuring Strong Women

As we celebrate National Women's History Month for March, here's a list of historical teen reads featuring strong women!

YA Lit List: Amazing Audiobooks

Audiobooks can bring books to life and these narrators have done these books justice.

YA Lit List: Worlds To Get Lost In

Love it when you read a book and you become completely lost in it? We do too.

YA Lit List: Books to Make You LOL

Ready for some new medicine in the form of laughter? Check out these laugh out loud teen reads!

YA Lit List: Dragons

YA books featuring one of the best mythological creatures of all times; DRAGONS!

YA Lit: Staff Favorites 2021

A list of HDL's staff favorite YA reads of 2021! Featuring both fiction and graphic novels.

YA Lit List: Books Featuring Libraries, Bookstores, & Books

Teen books featuring books, authors, libraries or bookstores.

Holiday and Winter YA Reads

From cozy, to mystery, to magic, to romance, and more We've got your winter reads covered with this list!

Ya Lit: Comfort Reads

Books that give you a feeling of pure comfort, from happy endings or hope that spreads across its pages or because you've read it so much.

90's Teen Books

Looking for some nostalgia or some 90s historical fiction? Check out this list of teen books set in the 90s.

YA Lit List: Villains

Whether you love to hate them or love to love them, here's a list of books with villains you aren't going to forget.

YA Lit List: Horror

Don't turn around... books that give a chill.

YA Lit List: Horror

Don't turn around... books that give a chill.

Blog Post

Heroines in YA Fantasy

I love the fantasy genre. I love high fantasy that takes place in an entirely different world. I love, what I like to call, realistic…
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